Year: 2020
Client: UN Women in Kyrgyzstan
Key words: gender, media literacy, extremism
This guide is intended for editors and journalists of the Kyrgyz Republic’s media, representatives of the press services of government agencies, teachers of journalism departments and teachers of secondary schools. Today, in the era of multimedia communications, employees of the press services of state bodies are also communicators and in many respects have functions similar to the work of journalists and the media, therefore, in this guide, information addressed to journalists is also addressed to employees of the press services of state bodies. Moreover, effective work of the press service requires an excellent understanding of the genres of journalism and the media market. As a result of training with this manual, journalists and government officials (press services) will gain knowledge and skills on gender-sensitive information and reporting, as well as a general understanding of gender concepts. The guide also provides a basic understanding of tactics for identifying and countering violent extremist propaganda through media literacy.

Animated videos that are an interactive part of the cases described in the manual.