PIL Research

Who are we?

PIL is a research company, which was founded in 2013. The international team and partners of PIL have a wide range of competencies in different areas ranging from human development to more specific areas.

Analysis of conflicts, peace and opposition to violent extremism and radicalization

In recent years, we have been actively working to study radicalization, analyzing peace and conflict, and assessing the effectiveness of peace-building programs. We are highly qualified in researching the development of religion and religious institutions.

Policy development and analysis

We especially value that our portfolio includes experience we have in development of national and local policies, strategies including gender and National Plan of Action to promote gender equality, road safety and comprehensive protection of children’s rights, gender budgets as well as research on citizens’ access to public and municipal services.

Economic development and entrepreneurship

We conduct research on relevant topics such as analysis of economic sectors and markets development as well as assessment of needs and requirements of enterprises and their potential for innovation. We offer a wide range of market research.

Climate change and biodiversity

We develop and conduct research on climate change adaptation of communities, assess population’s awareness of environment issues and effectiveness of natural resource management policies. We evaluate needs and requirements of key stakeholders for eco-oriented activities and life strategies. We develop communication strategies, educational modules for different target groups based on research.

Social and cultural development

Our portfolio includes many recognized and frequently cited studies in areas such as media development, public health, social and cultural rights including gender. We are competent in conducting studies on dynamic processes of institutional development including the transformation of family, gender norms and migration.

Why are we effective?

PIL business experience spans over 6 years and includes all forms of social research, ranging from qualitative in-depth studies, to large scale quantitative surveys requiring advanced application of statistical analysis.

Our Partners